Our Patriot Ancestors

Listed below are the Patriot ancestors of our chapter members, the state they served, and their service. American Revolutionary War Patriots include signers of the Declaration of Independence, members of local and state militias, members of the Continental Army or Continental Navy, men and women who rendered other types of aid to the cause of independence, and those taking oaths of loyalty. With a few exceptions, military service began with the Battle of Lexington (19 April 1775) and ended when the British evacuated New York (20 November 1783). Patriots may have also provided civil service, conducting public business in the newly formed American states. 





Glossary of United States and Patriot Service Abbreviations: 


CS = Civil Service   PS = Patriotic Service
    SOL = Soldier (no details known)

CT--Connecticut NH--New Hampshire PA-Pennsylvania
LA--Louisiana NJ--New Jersey SC-South Carolina
MD--Maryland NY-New York VA--Virginia
MA--Massachusetts NC-North Carolina  

James Alexander, PA, NC, PVT 
Holbert Allison, VA, SOL, PS 
Benjamin Anderson, VA, 1LT 
Peter Andreas, PA, SGT
Elisha Baldwin, NY, PVT
John Ball, VA, CAPT
William Ball, VA, CAPT
James Ballou, NH, PS
William Barnhill, NC, CS, PS
Benjamin Beall, Sr., MA, LT
Benjamin Birdwell, NC, PVT
George Birdwell, VA, CS
Rebecca Bryan Boone, VA, PS
Wadsworth Brewster, CT, CPL
John Brockman, VA, PS
Samuel Brockman, VA, PS
Thomas Burroughs, VA, PS
Christopher Bustin, VA, PS
Joseph Calef, NH, PS
George Cathey, NC, CAPT
Johathan Chandler, MA, PVT
Micajah Clark, Sr., VA, PS
Abraham Comegys, Sr., MD, PVT
John Cook, VA, PVT
Dennis Copeland, NC, PS       James Cowherd, VA, SGT
Samuel Crawford, VA, SOL, PS
Nicholas Crigler, Sr., VA, PS
William Culbertson, DE, PVT
Ebenezer Cushing, MA, PVT, PS 
Francis Cybert, Jr., NC, CS
William Dale, VA, PVT
William Dawes, Jr., MA, MAJ, PS 
Arthur Dennis, MA, SGT
John Dent, VA, LT
Mathusalim Du Bois, NY, PS, ENS    Hendricus Du Bois, Sr, NY, PS 
Josiah Eanes, VA, PVT
John Ellis, Sr, NH, PS
John Embry, Sr, VA, PS
George Ensley, Jr., PA, CAPT
John Evans, VA, COL, CS
Samuel Ferguson, VA, ENS, PS
John Ferrier, PA, PVT
George Fisher, VA, PS            Daniel Fitzhigh, VA, PS
Phillip W. Fox, NY, PS             Moses Fussell, NC, PS            David Gentry, VA, PVT


Richard Gentry, VA, PVT 
James Glass, SC, PA, PVT
Samuel Goode, II, VA, PS      Elizabeth X Goss, PA, PS
Moses Gray, MA, PVT
Samuel Grier, PA, PVT
Samuel Gwinn, VA, SOL, PS
Henry Haas, PA, PVT
Jonas Hadley, MA, PVT          Jonathan Hallock, NY, Ens, PS
Benjamin Harrison, VA, COL
Joshua Headley, PA, PS
Bernard Hendricks, VA, PS
Zadock Hersey, MA, NONCOM 
Isaiah Hersey, Sr., MA, PVT
John Holman, VA, PVT
Samuel Holt, NH, PVT               Henry Dude Hooe, VA, PS      Howson Hooe, VA, PS
Simon Hornbeck, VA, PS
Otis Howe, NH, CS, PS
Tilly Howe, NH, SGT 
Henry Ingalls, NH, LT, CS, PS
David Kaufman, NC, VA, SOL, PS
Loomis Kellogg, MA, PVT
James Kennedy, VA, LT
Leonard Krauss, VA, PVT
John Michael Lampman, NY, CAPT, PS Eleazer Lawrence, MA, PVT, CS
Simon Lawrence, MA, PVT
Simon Le Roy, NY, PVT
Eleazer Leland, MA, PVT
Welcome Lincoln, MA, PVT
Abraham Lincoln, VA, CAPT
Cornelius Linderman, NY, PVT
Jacob Linderman, NY, PVT
David Lindsey, PA, PVT
William Long, VA, CAPT
Peter Lyon, VA, PVT, PS
John Major, VA, SOL
Thomas Martin, VA, PS            Conrad Mattice, NY, PVT
Richard Mcallister, Jr., NH, PVT, PS
William McClanahan, VA, CAPT
Isaac Messenger, CT, PVT
David Mims, Sr., VA, PS 
John Mitchell, VA, PVT
Jacob Moore, DE, LT, PS 
William Moore, NC, CS, CAPT 

Achilles Moorman, VA, PS    Andrew Moorman, VA,PS              Hugh Nickerson, MA, PVT     James Norvell, VA, PS
William Oliver, Jr., MA, PVT
William Oliver, Sr., MA, PVT
Jean Baptiste Ortes, LA, PS
Samuel Packwood, VA, PVT
Edward Parish, MD, PVT
Jeremiah Pate, VA, CAPT
Samuel Peabody, MA, PVT
Benjamin Phipps, VA, SC, PVT  Joshua Pruitt, VA,PVT
James Purdy, PA, COL
Richard Quinn, Sr., VA, PS
James Quinn, VA, CPL
Joseph Rhodes, PA, PVT
Jesse Richardson, VA, PVT
John Robinett, VA, SOL
David Shawhan, PA, MD, PVT
Michael Shover, PA, PS
John Simmons, CT, PVT
Parish Simms, NC, SOL
Peter Slater, MA, PVT
David Smith, PA, PVT 
Eleazer Spaulding, MA, 1LT
Ebenezer Stevens, MA, LT
Charles Swearingen, MD, COL, PS
Van Swearingen, Sr., MD, PS
George Teeter, VA, SOL, CS, PS 
Samuel Terrell, NH, PS
John Thurman, NC, CS
Shadrack Turner, VA, PS
Marmaduke Vickery, NC, PS
Henry Watterson, VA, CAPT, PS 
Fulgam Wester, NC, PS
Theophilus Wilder, Jr., MA, CAPT, PS
Theophilus Wilder, Sr., MA, PVT
Thomas Wilmot, CT, PVT
George Winn, VA, PS
William Withers, VA, LT
Obediah Wood, NC, PVT
John Woolsey, CT, NONCOM
Daniel Wright, NY, MA, PVT 
Earl Wright, NY, PVT
Adam Zumwalt, VA, PS, PVT
Jacob Zumwalt, VA, PVT


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